Thursday, May 10, 2012

Story behind KAIROS

it is gonna be 3 more weeks till Kairos due date.
and im very very excited welcoming this God's lil Prince.

Before we find out how is he gonna look like, (which is 3 more weeks, yayyy)
let me tell you a lil bit story behind this "KAIROS"

Before i knew i was PREGNANT, one fine evening, me & my husband was talking together about our plans, planning bout this and that, and BELIEVE me, we didnt MENTION at all about 2nd baby! NO AT ALL.

we talked bout our vision n mission, our works, business etc, but we didnt mention at all about 2nd baby.

my husband is an organize type of person, so he write down every plan, every dream in his dream book, everything must be in written.

so he started to write these and that, our vision bla bla bla, how we gonna achieve that bla bla bla....

UNTIL ....

suddenly, OUT OF NOWHERE, He wrote this word "KAIROS"

i just thought, why out of sudden you wrote KAIROS? well KAIROS means "GOD'S TIMING" but it doesnt have sumthin to do with our plan.

and suddenly, God likes spoke to us: "One day you will have a baby boy, name KAIROS which mean, In MY perfect time"

me & my husband "dalam hitungan detik" langsung, "yes! one day we will have a baby boy name KAIROS" we AGREED straight away WITHOUT any arguments.

Lucky he captured with his iphone what we discussed, and how he wrote this name of KAIROS.

it was on 26 June 2011

TWO MONTHS later after that discussion...

i found out i was positive pregnant.

i knew its gonna be a baby boy, coz God told us before. We didnt look for any names at all, we knew his name is gonna be KAIROS. we just easily looking for the middle name, and comes up with JAMES, similar like his sister KAYLEA JANE.

God confirmed everything trough HIS SERVANT who prayed a prophetic message for me & Kairos.

i was in indo at that time, celebrating my bday with my family and this pastor family.
and this pastor start pray for me, a prophetic prayer.

he said: "Anakmu yg ke 2 ini adalah anak perjanjian dengan Tuhan, maksudnya adalah anak yang dikenan Tuhan, anak ini akan sangat membawa berkat bagi kmu, setelah anak ini lahir, Tuhan bukakan tingkap2 langit, breakthrough2. dan seterusnya...."

and for the 2nd time he prayed for me again before i leave jkt, and the message was about the same thing, about KAIROS who loved by God, we will receive a new seasons etc.

in 2 diffrent times, he prayed the same thing 2 us.

then in Perth, few weeks ago, one of our church prayer warrior member prayed for us in prayer meeting, and he prayed about KAIROS who will bring blessings to us.

and last one, last tuesday in prayer meeting, this pastor prayed a prophetic prayer for us, and yes he prayed also for KAIROS and said the same thing AGAIN.

4 times KAIROS been prayed a prophetic prayer in 4 difrrent times and people, and all of them said the same thing!

i was like WOWWW!!!! this is it! Thank you GOD!

You CHOOSE KAIROS even before you created him.

i received all the blessings, i said amenn to all the prophetic prayer for me, i belive GOD can SPOKE TO US trough HIS servant.

4 times! im sure its not a coincidence.

KAIROS 19 wks

i believe God creates KAYLEA to bring JOY to everyone.
and HE creates KAIROS to bring FAVOR to everyone he will meet.

 ALL the Glory just for Our God!

amen! :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Mujizat Masih ada

Tue, 08 may 12

Today is my routine check up schedule to St John of God hospital, always excited to see what my baby doin inside my tummy.

usually my parents in law accompany me to the hospital for helpin me taking care of Kaylea. but today they have other things to do, so i went to hospital with kaylea only.

i just pray so kaylea will behave well when the dr checking me.

turned out not to bad. she behave quiet well. Thank God.

My lil prince is now 35 wks, very healthy have a good size too. when i asked "how many kg already dr?" he said : "2.7kg which is very nice".

errrr...for me i think a lil bit too big dr....hehee

no wonder i feel so heavy.

everything went well, till i reached home, suddenly my right leg feel uncomfie, (a.k.a encok) i couldnt walk properly (just like nenek nenek jalan, pin-cang). all i wanna do is just lay down on my bed, sleep, but i cant, since i still have to take care of kaylea.

every tuesday nite we have prayer meeting at church, and i always come with kaylea n mike, thats one of our commitment to go to prayer meeting.

Mike said: "hey babe, we have special guest at prayer meeting today, his name is pastor david..... he got a healing gift....etc

and i was like ..."i just think i wont go tonight coz my leg was hurt, how bout if you bring kaylea to prayer meeting and i stayed at home.." (i really want to go, but if you asked me to take care of kaylea there, i cant. kaylea always running here n there in prayer meeting)

OR, we go together but you dont need to play the keyboard, so you can take care of kaylea.

then he said, "ok well see"

FINALLY, we all decided to go to prayer meeting.

And i have no REGRET at all for coming there. I Thank God He brought me there.

Pastor David is a very good pastor, yes he got a healing & prophetic gift.

when we started our worship together, we sang this song "How great is our God" and i really felt God's presence is there! i started to cryy.... then suddenly Pastor David came to me and prayed a prophetic prayer for me, mike & kaylea & Kairos (we were the first person he prayed for).

i felt hot in my body. really felt His annointing power trough him.

what Amazed me:

1. Kaylea my daughter, yg biasanya di doa ga bisa diem, lari2 sana sini, tereak2, tapi saat itu, she behave very very very well, no shouting, no running around, just sit & draw for hours. so i can concentrate with the message and worship. klo bukan Tuhan sendiri yang mendiamkan dia, rasanya tidak mungkin :D

1. Doa prophetic yang didoakan ps David ke kami, sama persis seperti doa Hamba Tuhan laen yg pernah mendoakan doa prophetic kepada kami sebelunnya.

2. Tanpa sadar, kaki yg encok, tiba2 sembuhh dan saya bs berjalan seperti smula (tidak pincang sept nenek2)

3. salah satu temen saya yg sakit punggung sudah beberapa hari tak sembuh2, tiba2 dia berkata "kok tiba2 punggung saya sudah tidak sakit ya?"

Friends, weather you want to believe it or not, "MUJIZAT MASIH ADA" if you just believe in Him.

if people can experiencing God's miracles, if I can experiencing God's miracle in my life, I believe you can experiencing too. Just believe....

God bless u all!


im back.

Hi bloggers!
its been a very very veryy long time since the last time i wrote blog! phew....
due to my busyness as a new mom plus other things to do.
My daughter is 19th months old now and growing great. she is sleeping now when i wrote this.

And... YES my 2nd one is coming so soon. its a boy. many people says: "ohh very lucky! one girl one boy and he will be a Dragon boy!" and i was like..."is it important? me, myself, and i dont care whether its a dragon, a moo, a dog, a meaning at all"  but yeah, thats was the response from some of ppl i know.

i dont know why i have the urge to write blog again. the urge is getting bigger when some people came to me and let me know that they feel blessed when they were suddenly out of nowhere found my blog and read it. and i was like "reallyy? how come you can suddenly found my blog?" and they said "they were about to search something for their work, but suddenly my blog appeared and they read it."
and inside my heart i said "woww! God is good! He can blessed people through anything, even trough this NOT PERFECT blogspot!"

so from that moment on, some voices often comes in my heart "write your blog, write about your testimony, write about how great is Your God" and usually i just ignored it, i thought "who will read anyway lord?"

but He replied: "I sent some people for you, to let you know that ur blog can be a blessings for them, isnt that enough for u?"

sumtimes i have lots of testimony about how great is our God in my life, but i cant or i dont brave enough to share it in public. so i think He knows my weaknesses, and this blogspot can be one of the tools i can use to share about the Goodness of Him.

I Hope everyone who purposely or accidentally read this, will be blessed! thats my only prayer. :)


Thursday, February 18, 2010

current life

Morning Diary...

im not working this week, coz i wanna take a rest.
so i have time today to upload a new story for you.:)

not long ago on my birthday (1st feb) you know that i Got a beautiful goft from God rite?
and exactly on the 15th feb (one day after vday) i got an approval for my new house.
maybe it is done by 14th feb (the vday)but then it was on sunday.
i just amazed for God's perfect timing....

i feel like Woww.. I got 2 beautiful gift from God in a roww!
as usual ON THE SPOT i give thanks to the Lord for He is so good to me.

He gave everything i asked and everything i need.
i still remember how evrytime i said to people that i wanna have my 1st child at leasttt in the age of 27.
and He answered me, Excatly on my 27th bday i found out that im pregnant.

and if we're looking back on my marriage. im married in the age of 23 and thats what i said to people as well.
i wanna get married in the age of 23 or MAX 25. and HE did answer my prayer as well.

God knows whats desire in your heart. as long as you keep on track, walk with Him, and Obey His words, i believe He will give everythin u ask (according to His plan).

If He doesnt answer our prayer yet, maybe we have to be more patient or more surrender and believe in Him, OR maybe we should check and introspect ourself.

I still remember as well when i said to people, "i want to have a child after i have my own house & a steady business"

and yet He gave me Baby & House&Bus to handle at the same time.

My new house is a small house diary.....its quiet a new building (thats why i like it)
i looked at so manyyy oldy housee with a veryyyy veryyy big backyarddd (its good for the long run) but for living at this moment....mhm....i still prefer the new one but smaller size.

its a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom and 2 garage. so i think it just perfect for my lil family. even if my big family come and visit me here, i think its still enough. and the most important thing is, it has a space for my Renz Bridal.

i am proud of me, hubby & mostly im proud of my God who makes this things happened.
own a house PUREly by our own effort, No parentsss (money) involved AT ALL, it is not easy. but we can make it.
Its not coz our strength, but coz of God's Grace upon us.

Thanking God so muchh...He loves me, And so DO i! :D

im excited to move house soon...but im lazyyyyyy too packkk my thingsss!!!! my mom said she will come here to help me....but we'll see!

excited to fill my house with good n nice furnituree.....i wanna make it as comfie as possible and as hommie as possible....small but hommie (thats exactly what i want) :)

im hungryyyyyyyyy!!! better get some food

bye diary....mwah!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

God's Beautiful Gift


just updates from me:
1. i Shockly & Surprisingly got a Beautiful gift from God on my Birthday 1st Feb 2010
   ( i found out that im pregnant on my birthday) what a beautiful gift huh? :D plss keep me in ur prayer :)
   I didnt EXPECT at all that i will pregnant at this time, at least not until i move to my new house.

2. I started write a blog of my pregnancy. so when my lil love growin up, they can read it & be touched hihi. :D

3. I am still workin at SATCH & still have clients n clients for Renz Bridal. i just hope & pray that i will have an EASY pregnancy so i still can work as usual.

4. I am now in my DIET INTAKE. i only eat HEalthy food, no junkfood, no bubble tea, and Welcome Milk, WATER, Vegies & FRUITS! :D

i think thats about it for now...its 4.54 am id better sleep now....:) (i woke up coz of my dizzyness)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

suddenly i feel homesick today...
when i woke up this morning....i feel very lazy to go to work...
all i wanna do is just go home....
i wanna meet my family n frens in indo.... :(

wonder when i can go back to jkt....
two things that makes me cannot go back to jkt is my soon house to be and my clients.
i have to wait till everything settled . pheww...Lord pls make it fastt....
and about my clients, i cant do anything about it, i just have to do it.

im sad....but learn to be grateful.

My partner steph asking me to go together to jkt around march for business trip.
but i dont know yet...pppphhhhhhhhhhhhh......................

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Just came back from a friend's wedding cocktails party.
im tiredd but im happy to see my friends...we rarely seeing each other since our church time is diffrent.

everyone looks gorgeous but not me diary....

i think im the one who didnt dress not planning to goo thouu! since the time is rush for me...coz im the one who doin makeup for the "artist" that nite....

im not even wash my hair since 2 days hoaaa....if not because of my husband...i wouldnt go.

He asked me to accompany him, since everytime there is a wedding party, i cant go with him, coz im the one who do makeup for the bride...and there's not enough time to prepare me myself & i!

so this time, i decided to make him happy :D

i just wear a casual-semi formal dress....flat shoes as usual...not even bring a clutch...(u know me, i never interested to buy gown, clutch, or anythin to do with party) i just brought my blackberry & my new Lv purse :) thats it.

but evryonee are gorgeous...:) love to see my friends in gown. they look beautiful diary....

and....thank God, the bride likes her hair n makeup. coz me personally,im not really satisfied. since im doin it in a rush...

i dont like to WORK IN A RUSH.! thats why i always keep tellin my clients to come earlier as is better to have more time than not have time.

ooh better go to sleep...tomorrow ready to celebrate oz dayy! oz oz oz! oi oi oi! :D

Gnite diary

Friday, January 22, 2010

gudd Morninggg....:D

wuihhh finally i have time to write my beloved blog! :D
today is my day off so happy!

i have two stories that i wanna tell you.

1st story:
I felt God's blessings to me when i worked yesterday. As you know, im working at a fashion boutique shop. and everytime i work, there will be a target that i have to achieve on that day. (even thou if i cant make the sell on that day, IT IS FINE) it just for motivate you, thats why they give you target.

when i came, my manager said to me: "Irene, your target today is $1000, you have to make sell today"
i thought: "mannnn how can i make sells $1000 in 5 hours work?"

im a new casual staff there, and im not a really talkactive person since my english language is limited, but i try hard...

i start to pray to God in my heart.
I said "Lord pleasee help me....i know n i believe You're gonna help me, i do my best n you do the rest"

so everytime i served customer, i pray in my heart so that she will buy the clothes (or wateva)

la la la lal al.....ok first i got this customer only bought a pants not bad the price is $150 more.......
la la la lala ala...... 2nd time.....this young lady that i served bought $99 dress.

la la la al al....and lady came to me, i served her. and she's a friendly type of person, and asked me to suggest her what tops, dresses, that will suit her.

so i start to suggest her this, that, this and that.....accompanied her to the changing room, give my opinion...etc ect....

and she said: "ok i like this this and this....i will definitely buy this one, but can i just come back later? coz i need to trasnfer my money first"

"OOO Lordd....why she has to come back again and not buy straight away??" i feel like God is teasing me or sumthin heheh.....

oo well...i just said to HIM "i surrender to you Lord, i believe You will bring this lady back!" hahahah....

im waiting for half n hour....she didnt come....

half n hour before i finished work, she finally came!! and bought the clothes etc and the total is not bad $410....

so in 5 hours work, i make a sell around $500-600 not baddd!!! my manager said to me: "well done, ur doing good!"

Not by Power, not by strength, not by talent, ALL BECAUSE OF HIS GRACE FOR ME, HE ANSWERED my prayer. HE is AWESOME :)

2nd story:

I met this photographer at wedding expo. we're planning to work together as a business partner. i didnt know him before. and i said: lets just meet sumtimes to talk about the business,if we can colaboration maybe its a good thing.coz he often take model photoshoots as well.

the next day:

D: hi i just wondering if we can meet sumtimes to talk about our business
Me: oo oke, but my partner (stephanie) will goin back to jkt for 10 days, so maybe we can meet after my partner back in perth
D: oh ic, yup we can meet after ur partner back, but can we meet first before that just to know each other background?"
( mhmmmm....i didnt reply)

The next day
missed call

Me: sorry i was in the middle in prayer meeting, wazzup?
D: oo sorry, where about ur church?
Me: The rocks, how bout u? u goin to church?
D: yeah in riverview near burswood. just wondering if we can meet up before u leave perth?
Me: i didnt leave perth, my partner stephanie is the one who will go overseas, i thought you wanna meet up to talk about business, so i said just wait for my partner came back, then we can have meeting.

The next day
D: yeah i would like to talk bout business with u and ur partner. but i would like to meet you and get to know you more too if that is ok?

???????? he doesnt kno that im a grandma already....a.k.a married.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HOT day!!

Hi Hi...
in the last 2 days....the weather was crazyyyy hottt!!
i stayed over in mom's in law place yesterday nite, coz at the moment, i only have portable ac.
i can wait to buy air con and put it in my new house to be! i cant stand for hot weatherr!!

lucky today is my day off, thats why i can stay over in mom's place.
i love to be in my mom's in law house. a lot of foodddd, cemilan, fruit....hahah
today we're making es cincauu....yummyy

I still thanking God for clients that He send to me. i got 2 clients again today. one asking me through email, and another one was calling me.

hopefully after the wed expo yesterday my clientss will be like a water in a river! yes yes yess!!

well, i got clients tomorrow morning & afternoon! i better go to sleep diaryy....

i pray for good weather tomorrow. :)

nite2 Blover...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day II wed expo

Hi Diary...
Today is our last wed expo...
i stayed there only till 1pm coz i have to go to church....
i will never replace Him(church) with anything....
even thou i have business watever it is....
i always make Him(church) as my priority

surprisingly, today was very busy as well. packed of people..
i print 50 copies of my Renz Bridal brochures, and its all gone...
i have to copy it from a printer...and give it to the clients.

it was gladd i did that wedding expoo! :D

i went to church then hang out with the ganks as usual
then survey the place for oz day....chit chat, taking photos....we're having funn diaryy...:D

now i wanna sleep....
tomorrow morning i have to start making price list quotation for people who ask for it, follow up some potential business partner for souvenirs, photographers...

then i work at satch 12-5pm

gnite diary....
God bless me n you all blover
mwah! :D

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day I Wed-Expo

Hi Diary....
1st day of wedding expo was really good...
a lot of people came.
i didnt expect that much.

i ended givin out my renz bridal brochures.
it's good to see their positif reaction when they saw our one stop packages...

so me n steph now more excited to do this project, knowing that people are looking for it, looking for one stop packages.

im so so so so tireddd.....i wish sumbody can massage me! :(

but still I Thank God for today. for His blessings to us...
our Booth is full of people who wanna do trial. nonstop.

gnite diary....tomorrow i still have to be there at 8.30

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dear Diary....
Lagi males cerita saking capenya...
jadi ceritain aja hari ini ngapain aja....

bangun pagi2 jam 6.30am
bus ku buat ke tempat kerja itu jam 8am
aku kerja di Satch hr ini dari jam 9-4pm

kerja pagi2 berdua doank sama managerku...
(kebayang donk uda seremnya kaya apa)
but it turned outt really well....
jadi ngobrolll sana sini ngalor ngidul sama dia....
i teach her some indo vocab...

i think i like her now....

and she likes me as well....she told my friends many time that she likes me...and she wants me to work there Saturday or Sunday if i got no clients....

all i can say is PRAISE GOD. :)

ok, cut the story off, after finished work at 4, straight away i went home to prepare to go to burswood.

finished around 9pm, and got home 9.30pm

Lucky, my husband had prepare dinner for me....Best Husband Eva! and i Thank God for him hey...:D

now im really tired...tomorrow i have to be there at 8.30am

in this tiredness time, i suddenly had this song in my heart..i like this song very much

the title is "Kaulah Harapan" by Sari simorangkir.

click this link if you wanna hear the song, its a really nice song! trust me

well, nite2 Diaryy.....
Pray for me tomorrow ya!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

slamat malam para pencinta blog! :)

lngs aja curhat saya:
Dari pertama aku uda bilang kalo aku kerja itu cuma buat iseng2! tpi prioritas aku adalah client makeup! i dun wanna choose work over my makeup clients...

skarnag uda kerja di Satch...dapet manager yg strictt banget apalagi soal schedule....
dari pertama aku emang bilangnya kalo dari senen-jumat aku bs kerja....tpi weekend sorry ive got clients....
and they're ok with it.

tapi ternyata...aku juga punya beberapa client yg hari kawinnya itu di hari biasaa.....(dimana pas banget pas hari itu aku juga dijadwalin kerjaa)

sekali...aku dah minta ganti dan bilang ga bisa (my manager upset. emang orgnya begitu ituu....strict!seyeremm) ok...pheww tenang aku..

ehh ternyataaa baru sadarr ada satu client lagi yg harinya hari biasa (DAN juga bentrok lagi sama kerja)
hoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pusinks....

mau bilang manager lagi ga enak (karna dr pertama bilang emang senen-jumat) bs.....
clientku aku refer ke makeup artist laen juga ga mau....

bingung + pusink + apalagi dahh ga tau....

mulai mikir....

gmana kalo next time nya juga bentrok2? karna client itu bs booking kapan aja ga tentu... sedangkan aku jg ga bs kasi tau jauh2 hari ke manager aku donk....

well i guess:

As much as i can, aku mau ngerjain 22nya! tanpa ada satu pihak yg harus dikorbanin....(with a good discussion and try find a way out dulu tentunya).

but IF I HAVE TO CHOOSE.......

ill still choose MAKEUP .....

life is about making choice & decision, and ur decision rite now will determine ur future! so Ask God to involve in every decision that u make.

nite Blover!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

shoppin day

Iren's shopping list.

Today i bought:
1.Belt for work
2.Shoes for work
3.Stocking for work (this one is for covering my ugly legs yg penuh dengan biru sana biru sini)
3.Glass dipslay for makeup
4.2010 agenda
5.fabric for wedding expo

one advantage of workin in fashion industry: i can be stylish as much as i want, i can do makeup for my self as much as i want. :)

we went to terazza tonight catching up with my friend Sierra. of course with other friends as well. :)

now im ready to sleep. im working again tomorrow afternoon @ Satch and planning to meet friends again after work to try satay spot! hehehe....

cu Blover...niteyy swit dreamm Gbu....

Monday, January 11, 2010

a note for my self

Hi my Blog lovers! how are you today?
yes yes i know its monday again, time to work again...
i worked today at Satch from 10-4pm.
ive never done long hours work lately.
the last time i worked for long hours is in my x-shop. and i never like it.

with my current sushi bento job, usually i only do 3-4 hours per day.
but with SATCH, its preety much long hours work.

when i arrived today, smuanya lagi pada crangky. termasuk managernya. 
wah udah sebel aja tuh. rasanyaa dalam hati mikir "kayanya gw ga bisa kerja lama2 ni disini"
managerku tuh orgnya super duperrr DETAIL, rapih, and perfectionist.

for me, i dun mind working hard as long as the environment and the people is nice n good.
tapi walaupun kerjaannya gampang tapi orang2 sekitarnya ga enak....itu maless banget buat aku...
i dont wanna work with pressure coz of the people is not good.

but, in the end, i found out that mrka smuanya sebenernya baikkk....kt tadi juga akhirnya malah cerita ngalor ngidul....tapi kalo tentang kerjaan dan scheduling emang managerku strict banget.

one of my friend who also work there said to me "itu mungkin karna butik kita ini butik yang high class punya, jadi kita dituntut untuk selalu menyapa customer, dll"

tpi emang bener, kmaren itu aku sengaja coba masuk2 ke toko2 baju, aku sengaja png liat how they greet customers, tp kebanyakan smua toko yg aku masukin mreka ga menyapa setiap customer yang masuk. mreka diem2 aja....(tapi itu karna memang butik baju yg lebih low class dibanding satch).

phewww.... pas lagi pulang...tiba2 teman ku yg juga kerja disana msg me trough bbm....

she said: " (managerku) bilang kalo dia seneng banget sama kamu lho....she said: i like irene"

to tell you the truth: I am happy when my friend said that to me. coz i thought and im affraid that i cant reach her (my manager) standart coz she's too details strict and perfectionist. i just can say "PRAISE GOD" if she likes me.

God is good to me. i know He must have a purpose for puttin me in that shop.
He's the one who gave me this job, i believe He will make me able to do it as well.
i just have to believe n have more faith that Not because of my talents skills and abilities, but only by GRACE.

Note for my self today:
 "Jangan bersandar pada kekuatan sendiri, karna seberapapun kekuatanmu, tanpa Tuhan tidak mungkin bisa mencapai standart yg diinginkan oleh menagerku.


"Seberapa besarpun standart yang managerku mau untuk aku lakukan, semua itu Dapat aku lakukan bersama2 dengan DIA yang memampukan aku" :)


pada akhirnya aku sadar, I shoud've Thank God udah bs dapet kerjaan di tempat yg bagus dengan mudahnya.

after i finished work, 4pm teng i saw 2 my friends already in front of Satch waiting for me hhihihi
we wanna go together to eat ice kachangg yg enakk....

well thats it my story for today blover!
please keep me in ur prayer for my work etc.
Thank you blover!
nite2 and sweet dreamss :)

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Thx for you prayer.
The makeup trial went well today.
She likes my makeup.
even tho for me itss too naturallll (u cant even see it in the photos).
But still, "my clients satisfaction, is my priority" :)
as long as she's happy, ill do whatever her request is.

Thank You Lord.
Im waitin for michael at home, he is teaching one of our friend to play drum in the church.
probably we goin for lunch after this, and we're planning to watch avatar today with sum of our friends...

ahhh thank God its SaturdayY!!!
wish u guys a wonderful weekend !

Friday, January 08, 2010

Do you Believe?

Hi Blover!
How's your day today??
i just came back work from Satch.
today is my 2nd day workin there.
Not bad....i like the work.

i just need to stretch my self  to speak more fluent with the customer.
i need to find more of "fashion" vocabulary.
you know, i never ever workin in fashion industry before, so its a bit ackward for me.
but im tryin to keep up. its a challengin work for me.
and it feels good to wear formal/nice dress when you work. look more sophisticated. :)

i always pray before i go to work. i pray so God will send the angels to protect the shop, i pray so that Holy spirit will be in the shop so that we can work with joy & peace. i pray so that God will help me to speak with the clients, and give me more wisdom so i will be able to understand everything that they teach me.coz if God doesnt help me, i wont be able to do anything.

i said: "God You are the one who gave me this job, so please makes me able to do it, please help me"

somehow it does. i can feel it when i work.
today is friday. the manager said to me: "Usually friday is NOT THIS BUSY, thats why we put you today so that we can train you, but today was abnormal, its very busy." (she cant believe it)

and i just said in my heart: "Thank God, i know You're the one who make this things happened" :)

Blover, do you believe that when you pray, miracles will happened?
i do! i do i do. try to pray before you do something. you will notice the different :)

Im still busy preparing this and that for wedding expo...
Plus Im workin now in 2 places
Plus clients on the weekend.

BUT i Thank God for all that blessings He gave to me.

*ow yahh forgot to mentioned how nice is my husband, when i got back home, he was ready with his carbonara hahah he made me carbonara and it taste yummy! thx u babe! :D*

Nite2 Blover, I got client tomorrow morning at 10am ....pls pray & wish me luck with the hair n makeup, will you? :)
thx u
God bless you!

My Masterpiece

This is one of my masterpiece.
I've done this in Jkt last oct.
The Model name is Diana (she's married guys) :p
i knew diana from her sister (her sister is my client when she got her wedding here in perth)
at that time, Diana was her bridesmaid, so i did makeup for diana as well.
when i was puttin make up on her....mann....this gurl is very beautiful, and i was imagine if i can make her like a princess (ref princess diaries movie).

so i made an appointment with her
she lives in jkt. so i told her i will go back to jkt on oct for doin photoshoots model, and asked her if she wants to be my model.
and her answered is YES! a BIG YES.

i used one of photographer in Jkt called ILONA photography.
we had fun all day during the photoshoots session.

Actually the "RENZ BRIDAL" idea is came up on my mind since i was doin this project. coz at that time
im the one who prepared everything, from hair, make up, gown, and it was funn....i like to take care of THE BRIDE.

The colour of the photos change after i upload in my blog, the original is not like this one, its better than this one actually. :)

Notes: "Not by might, not by power, not by strength, not by talents, but only by The Grace of God"

Hair makeup: Renz
Gown prepared by: Renz
Accecories by: Renz
Photography: Ilona photography

Thursday, January 07, 2010

True friend

just arrived at home.
finished shower.
feel clean n fresh :)
ready to sleep but cant sleep without updatin my blog first.

i went to city with marina (one of my best friend in perth).
somehow we just "click" to each other, well maybe because she's not a sensitif type of person.
i never ever can click with sensitif person, because im preety straight forward type of person.

with marina, i can talk they way i talk, i can angry to her, i can bully her (and also the other way around) but we still ok to each other. cant angry more than 12 hours hahah

but thats what the bible said isnt it?
"apabila kmu marah janganlah sampai matahari terbenam"
but with sensitif people, they can angry with us like,forever. they will remember all our faults and keep in their heart. and i guess thats not a good thing.

Marina accompanied me to SATCH coz i need to buy my uniform dress.
after that we met my partner to chit chat with designer who will design our Renz Bridal website etc etc.
and i continue treat her dinner at TAKA kitchen (one of my favourite Japanes rest).
then i accompanied her to see a room to rent. (at the moment she still looking for a room to rent)

i dropped her back to her house, and before that we had chit chat in my car. and we close in pray together in the car.

I Thank God for her, for our relationship, for a sister in christ that can encourage each other, sharing , caring and prayin in time of need.

Blover, let us be a true friend for others, a friend in times of happiness and sadness, a friend in times of weakness and in times of strength.
a friend who can pray and encourage each other, a friend who can accept other's weaknesses and yet still wanna be their friend.

I have a friend who met all that criteria above. He is my TRUE friend and His name is Jesus.
if you never heard about Jesus, i guess you shoud! :)

nite2 Blover
Have a swit dream tunait

Thu, 7 Jan 10

morning B'lover (a.k.a blog lovers) :)
how r you this morning? some of you might be feel asleep in ur office, some of you might have day off today, but whatever you do this morning, just a friendly reminder from me: "Drink a lot of water" its good for your body! :P

if my husband look at this, im sure he will say this to me: "Yeahhhh ritee tell ppl to drinks a lot of water, HOW ABOUT YOUR SELF YOUNG LADY??" hihihihih

thousands times (maybe more) he keeps asking me to drink water, drink water and drink water, and i just said "ye ye yeah" but i never do it hahah!
i dont know why i dont like to drink (unless its a bubble tea), i know thats not good for me.

yesterday on the prayer meeting, when we were about to pray for these sickness people, we ended up chit chat about "sakit ginjal" and one of us asked this question: "apa yg menyebabkan org bisa terkena penyakit ginjal?"
and you know what the answer was? "because they didnt drink enough WATER"

*my husband who sat beside me was straight away look at me with his rolling eyes* alrite alrite, i will try hard to drinks a lot of waterr! start from todayyy!

so dont forget to Drink waterr Blover! l
Lets keep and stay HEALTHY, so we become Happy & a cheerful heart is like a medicine!______________________________________________________________________

enough about water.
Now, what am i goin to do today?
im having a wedding expo next week, so im pretty busy to prepare for it. i have to do final touch for the photos (my masterpiece) and print it out, and i have to do the booth decoration as well.
Hopefully with this Wedding expo I will get more n more clients. pls pray for me blover!

today i will go to SATCH in annex building (my work place) and i will buy one of the dress there to be my uniform. coz tomorrow i work again.
after that i will meet my Renz Bridal partner, we have an appointment with printing people to discuss about our business stationary that need to be print out.

and after that, we will go to SPOT LIGHT to buy something for our booth decoration.

I think thats it for today activity!

Once again, Have a greattt day Blover!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy to be a blessings for others

just to killin my time before going to prayer meeting tonight, i just read & read again my blog stories since 2007, and if i look back again, all the stories that i wrote, it is amazing!!

so writing blog is a good things peepz! so one day you can read again your old post. and you can see God's guidance towards you all the day of your life.

i also just found out comments from visitor whom i dont kno where they come from, they didnt even write their name there. But i just wanna say thank you to these people!

knowing that people are blessed with my writing is the most happiest things for me.

These are the comment made by people who feel blessed with my blogspot:

1.Greetings! I was looking for images of Nikko Jkt as I am going to have my wedding there this Dec.
And fortunate enough, I come across your blogs. I read a few of your posting and it is a true blessing for me.
My situation is more or less similar to yours (after getting married, move to other country, visa stuff bla bla bla) And through your posting somehow I feel He gave me more strength and realize that nothing (definitely NOTHIING)
is imposible for Him. Thank you for your testimony. May God use you even more for an even greater purpose.
Your faith, hope, and love through your writing is really an inspiration especially for me. Thank you. Be blessed!


I don't know you and you don't know me.. Haha... Tadi aku lg iseng2 cari gambar di google.. Then, i see the link name "Blessed to Bless".. Foto ptama, foto married kalian (Congratz btw ;)..) well, i ignore it.. coz i need different photo.. then when i went to 2nd page, ada foto kalian lg.. hihi.. i dont know why... there's just this dorongan buat aku... aku mesti buka...

well.. then aku buka donk.. :p.. there's one of ur stories.. iseng2, aku baca.. yg ttg 3 hari kegiatan apa gtuu.. (sorii.. aku cepet lupa.. hehe) the story touched me.. i feel enlightened by ur story... 1 uda kelar, penasaran.. jd lanjuutttt trus... ahaha.. padahal, bsok ada bacaan buat my management class 3 chapters... n my teacher likes to cold call.. @_@.. i must study.. hahaa... but somehow, aku ketarik ama cerita cici.. :p. then i continue reading dehh...

I am a Christian dr kecil, but I begin to have a closer relationship since I moved to US.. aku uda 2 taon dsini.. ada saatna aku deket,, trus jauh ma Tuhan.. trus deket lg, jauh lg.. but now, I want to make a commitment to myself... watever it is, I have to maintain my relationship with God... I started to read Bible.. baru dikit sih.. but it's kemajuan yg lumayan for me.. hihi...

well.. I just want to say THANKS... thanks a lot for sharing.. =] aku jd lbi motivated to have a better n closer relationship with God..
God can do anything.. Even have people from Sydney buat motivate anak di amrik.. :p..

Thank you,, and God bless you two.. in everything.. =]

3.pertama aku mw menyampaikan kekaguman ku sama ka irene....bbrapa hari yang lalu kan aku baca BLOGnya ka irene...dan ternyata isi di blog itu dibuat thn kemaren smua y ka?(telat bgt..haha)tpi aku ykin smpe kapan pun ka irene psti bkal ttp melangkah bersama Tuhan......

dan wktu dpt blognya ka irene pun itu ga sengaja....wktu itu aku lg search ttg apa ya di google...lupa...trus tb2 ada title Blessed Weekend...ya aku buka aja...stlah aku baca..baca dan baca....semuanya....dan disitu aku bca yg ttg ka irene di baptis....itu kejadiannya sama ka...wktu itu aku lagi bimbang2 mw di baptis selam ato ngga.....trs wktu aku lg mw tidur...baru aja pgn nutup mata....trs tb2 ada yg bilang..."kamu harus di baptis selam"...dan akhirnya aku lgsg minta di baptis selam pas ulang taunku yg k 19... :D byk juga dstu yg ka irene bagiin yg aku pernah nglamin juga...

yaaaa pokokee gitu dehh ka.....kaguum aja sama ka irene.....pinter...cantik....anak Tuhan lagi...bisa jadi berkat buat org lain(salah satunya dgn blognya ka irene)...dan aku yakin pasti Tuhan...memberkati keluarga ka irene bgt.....aku liat foto2nya ka irene sama suaminya....kayanya penuh sukacita bgt ni keluarga,,,,

aku jadi berkhayal........."bisa ga yh nanti aku punya keluarga yg kya gini?"..dpt pasngan hidup yg mgkn lbh dari ka irene pinternya..cantiknya..imannya :D...

yawd deh ka....sgtu aja dulu...nanti klo k irene dah bls dan ngijinin aku buat ngbrl lbh lagi...baru aku ngmng pnjang lebar...(padahal yg ini udah ngmng panjang lebar.. :D)

mgkn k irene mw jadi kk rohani ku di dunia maya...(soalnya aku punya anak rohani 2 orang ka...sapa tau aku bisa belajar dari pengalaman ka irene yg mgkn bisa aku share k anak2 rohani ku...trus ka irene jadi berkat lagi deh.. :) dan berkat pun akan terus mengalir bwat ka irene dan keluarga.... ^^ ..

mudah2an aku ga ganggu y ka....thanks yahh ka....God bless u and fam....

whoever write that comment, i just wanna say thx u and hopefully my stories can always be a blessings to you guys!


Renz Bridal Brochures

Renz Bridal A5 folded Brochure Cover & Inside
Perth people only

*bloglovers, please help me to promote my new business to your friends who planning to get married! ok?*
thx youu! i really appreciate it if you can do that for me. maybe sumtime, i will treat you dinner if you can bring customers for me hahaha

Click on the pic to see larger picture

Announcement to all bloglovers

morning blog lovers!

since i am announcing my blogspot address in facebook, twitter & any media, i know and i expect people will read my diary.

i am aware that every people is different!
diffrent people have diffrent opinion n point of view because each of us are uniquely made by God.

thats why i know there will be people who will be blessed when they are reading my diary, BUT there will be people who dont like and think negatively when they read my blog.

SO, if you are a person who are blessed by reading my diary, i just wanna say thx to you, and you are more than welcome to share ur personal experience with God in my diary, It is always good if we can share the Goodness of our God, coz sumtimes it will encourage ppl around you.

BUT....if you are a person who dont like my writing, and always think negative when u read my diary, i suggest you to STOP read, STOP talking negative about my blog to anyone else, and just pretend you never know about this blog :) easy peasy aii?? :)

everyone has their own strength n weaknesses, including me n you, but i wanna learn to be a better person, a person who can accept others weaknesses and helpin each other to go up, not to go down.

as the bible said "Two are better than One, if one falls down the other can help her/him up"

Have a good day bloglovers,
God bless you all

New Look in 2010

Ta daa...piuhh finally i made this thing done! it is 1am perth time, and i just finished decorating my new blog!
i dunno why suddenly i wanna change my blog template, too bored with the last one i think. so i thought why not? change look in 2010! :D

hopefully in 2010 i can constantly writing my blog again, (mhmm i doubt it thou) :p

i cant write anythin at the moment, i guess im too tired i wanna sleepp! i will continue writing tomorrow morning...oki dokie cu bloggiez

nite2 mwah!

Monday, January 04, 2010

workin workin

@home 11am now.

Today is my 1st day work at SATCH Boutique. im quiet nervous coz i never work in fashion industry before, and this boutique is a high class boutique.

last time i was givin out my resume to fashion shops like dotty, just jeans, roads, etc2
but God give me the one that i never thought before.

its true that the bible said: "apa yg tidak pernah kmu lihat, apa yg tidak kamu dengar, apa yg tidak timbul di dalam hatimu, itu yg disediakanNYA bagimu"

for me, working is only "iseng2" to fill my spare time. i got my clients from God almost every weekend and i make that as my major income. coz being a makeup artist is taking a lil time job but you got high paid. thats what i like if you do sumthing that u are passionate about based on your skill.

one day job equals to 4-5 days workin.

rite now, im workin in sushi bento japanese restaurant, it is very flexible, i can work whenever i want, and if i dont wanna work, i just tell the boss that i cant work.

i got this job not beacuse im applying or else, it just suddenly the boss saw me when i walked down in front of the restaurant and he offered me a job.
so i took the offer. why not?

its an easy job, great environemnet, the staff is all good, very nice asian. salary is not bad, cash in hand.

and now i got this new job. very diffrent with the other one, good salary n comission as well, but i dun know if i like the environment or not. hopefully i pray, i will like it.

coz for me no matter how high the salary is, if the environment and the people is not good, i wouldnt work there.
i dont want to work just for money! i work for treating n indulging my self as well :) thats why i live stress free!

well i think thats one of God's blessings for me. if you ask me to count my blessings, "i am counting my blessings and name them one by one"

will u pray for me today? 1st day work in Satch.
thx bloggiez
have a nice dayyy!! the 4th day of 2010!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

my new yearr!

did u have a good new year with ur fam, friends or realtives?

well, "I DID" :)
it was fun, full of good food, laughing, sharing, caring n praying :D

started from 31st dec, after we went to church at 7pm - 8.30pm, we went back home to change clothes etc then we straight away went to one of our friend's house.

me & mike was the first people whi arrived there. and were still waiting for others to come.
one of our best chef make a really good soup! :D

we ate together, turned on the tv and counting down the time together.... until 3......2......1.......YAYYYY HAPPY NEW YEARRR! hugs, kisses n wishes are all around.

then after that we sat down togehther, made a circle and started to praise n worship God, then we prayed one by one to GIVE THX to the Lord for what He's done in 2009, and Asked for His guidance in 2010.

most of them are stay over nite there, but me n mike went back home at 2am! so sleepyyy man! ehheheh
3 hours later, which is 5am, Mike has to wake up again to go to LESMURDIE praying together with the prayer team member. i couldnt make it , so so sleepyy :s

so i continue my sleep untill mike came home and woke me up.

around 1 pm, we went there again (to my friend's house) hang out againnn.... "nyateee nyum nyumm" eat eat eat and sharinggg and praying againnn....

we ended up staying there till 10pm. whoaaaa tiredd but we had a really good times together....

Today 2nd January

a lot of plan but too lil time.... we're planning to go to osborne park looking n hunting for Timber n carpet flooring, planning to watch AVATAR, everyone adoree avatar....planning to catch up with one of our friend from jkt. planning to go to mama's house for fooddd...( i needd fooddd)

alrite, thats it for now bloggiez...hoepfully i can do all of our plans, (but i doubt it) i think we have to cancel the movie again....

anyway.....Let us start 2010 with a new clean heart peepz, leavee our 2009 baggage whatever it
is, FORGIVE n FORGET! and lets entering 2010 with joy, smile, laugh, and LOVE. ok??!

this is cute me & my husband, we're ready for 2010! :D oohh u see my husband 2010 hair style? mahawk!! hahaha

cheeerrrssssss for 2010!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12.15am @south perth

hi bloggiez,

its almost 12am now, i still watching sctv "kesetiaan cinta" so tiredd after working today....

things are happening today:

1. i got interview last week with SATCH Fashion Boutique in Annex Building city, but actually they need sumeone who can also work on the weekend. I said to them "Sorry i cant work on weekend coz im a makeup artist and i have clients usually on the weekend"
and they said "ok, we'll keep ur resume if there is another position available we will contact u coz at the moment we really need someone can work on the weekend"

(there is NO WAY that i will sacrifice my clients just to work with someone, so i say "BYE BYE SATCH)

but then today suddenly the manager called me again and said this to me "Hi irene bla bla bla...(a.k.a basa basi) we think about it again, our interview last week, and we think we wanna put you to work on weekdays, i know you're a makeup artist, BUT if sumday you have no clients on weekends would you be able to work?"

i said: "oke if i have no clients on the weekend, i can work.
cool! so can you start on monday?
OK! (finally i accept the offer) :)

2. Our offer for house has been accepted by the seller straight away without bargain!
today we make an offer, the next day they let us know that they accept our offer! PRAISE GOD!
it is a good price for new house 3 x 2 x 2 :)
rite now we just wait for all the paperworks to be done.

im excited to decorate, renovate (watever u call it) my lil house soon to be.
definetly i will change the carpet to Timber. (harus nuansa kayuuu!) i loveee timberr atmosphere. looks warm n hommie.

peepz, i tell u MY GOD IS MORE THAN ABLE! about timing? RITE ON TIME (NOT TO EARLY, NOT TOO LATE) even though emang RADA2 MEPET ke TELAT bantuinnya...but in the end, HE NEVER TOO LATE.

IF i havent found a house and sign all the paperworks offer BEFORE 31st Dec, I wouldnt get 10.000 first home owner grant.

but can you see? everything is just RITE ON TIME (udah mepet2 emang), but finally we can get 10.000 for FHOG :)

PRAISE GOD!! He proves me again n again that HE IS MORE THAN ABLE TO HELP US. :)
never DOUBT on HIM.

trust me, when you SPEAK IT, BELIEVE IT then you will RECEIVE IT.

i speak & i believe: *New heart, new mind, new soul, new house, new great job, new succesful business, new stage of life will be mine in 2010!* amin!

gnite bloggiez..God bless you all


lately ive been playing a lot with "young family" group in our church apalagi kalo lagi ada special2 event kaya gini, xmas & nu year

last sunday after church, we went to bubble tea together 25 ppl in total and we were planning to go for karaoke, but then we cancelled it, we just stay in a bubble tea spots and after that we take away food from happy star then went to Kak mala house.

we were crazyy! we dance poco2, dangdut etc we sang from old songs, romantic songs and ended up we sang church song ahhaha...all the tante2 is crazyy was really fun and we stay there till 1am in the morning!

i love to play with this "young and above group" hahah why?
1st because even thou they're tante2, but they still have young spirittt
2nd because everytime we hang out together, there always be a very good food hahah
3rd because i can get more useful knowlegde from their experienced.
4th no gossips, no talkin about someone behind their back (unless sumthin funny to talk about haha), peace & mature conversation, ai likee

they teach me about home, house about how to teach and take care of kids, sharing the goodness of God in their life bla bla bla....
and i thank God for that hey, every knowledge that they shared to me is very usefull.

i can see now that they are growing in spiritually, at least they wanna learn, last time they study and learn how to fast. they gathered together in one house sharing, praying until 6am in the morning. but now the mentor is in indonesia. so all that activity have to be stop at the moment hehe

thats good. God is good. :)

we're going to hang out together again on the 31st dec, after church yayy! cant wait to spending time with them again. pastinyaa food is all around! :D

having said that, new year is just around the cornerr everyone!! and im so so so excitedd to welcoming the year of HARVEST 2010! wuhuuu!

a brand new heart, new mind, new soul, new blessings, new house, new business, new level of live will be mine! :D :D

Thank You Lordd!!! You Are awesome....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


number seven is the special no that God gives to me & mike.

started from our wedding date....(we didnt asked for tanggal baik to paranormal yg tak normal)coz for us every day is a good day. before when we booked the hotel, we were request for 16th dec coz its my mom's bday. but the hotel is booked already for that day so we asked for 17th.
Note: Our wedding day is 17 Dec 06

after we got married, we temporary got place to live which is my friend's house, she rent the house to us, and the street address is 127. we're very lucky that we can live in south perth suburb. its a rich people suburb.

after we got a place to live...we bought a car. and again we're sooo lucky that we got DUAL FUEL car....(GAS & FUEL). and our car no is 1CKI 017.

i started to run a family business , we (the family) bought a business and it took place at unit 2/71 Ley st.

after tried that business, i dont like it 100% we sold it....and i started doin sumthing that i really2 passionate be a hair stylish.

On the 7 August 08 i started my lil tiny business (decorated toilet) for hair style. people started asking n booked me.

less than a year, im gettin improve with my skills, now i can do make up, God sent me clients and clients, im thinking to open a bridal. Together with my partner, we applied for Business registered name and ABN (australian business no) and guess what.....i did all of that on 7th Dec in the certificate it shows that our ABN started from 7th dec.

Now, we're gonna buy a house soon....after look and look and look all the proporties, we finally met one that me n mike like. it's a new house, its not big (i dun want to have big house thou) but it can be very hommie for our lil fam. it has room that i can use for our bridal business.

and you know what? the address of that house is 77!

after we realize that the house no is 77, i said to mike: "this is it beb....i think this is the house that God gives to us" hahahha.... God likes to play with Number.

tonight we're gonna make an offer for the house @7pm!.....i prayyy if that really the House that God wants us to live...then evrything is gonna be *mulusss jalannya*

im sad coz of this i cant go back to indo for xmas....(i have to prepare for the new house, new business and wedding expo in jan) :s.......

but i Thank God, that He is good, that He is JEHOVA JIREH, God of provider. He provides me everything i need. with His perfect Timing.

*punya rumah sendiri, dengan hasil keringat sendiri, tanpa bantuan at all from parents, its hard & takes a lil bit longer, but when u did it, u will proud of ur self, even we only can afford the small house at the moment, but at least, itu karna kemampuan kt sendiri bersama Tuhan, No parents involved*

walaupun kalo ngliat org laen yg disupport atau dibantuin org tuanya (even only for deposit) rasanyaa masih "wahh enaknyaa, dibantuin org tua" but i learn to be thankful, our parents didnt help me, but God does.

Thank You Lord, for always stand & help us in times of need. :)

*added note: our kingdom builder amount got number 7 as well!* dasyatt

In conclusion:

-Wedding 17 dec

-1st temporary house 127 Hensman in 2007

-1st car 1cki017

-1st business sfresh start july(07) 2007, ended july(7) 2009 adress: 127 ley st

-1st renz business 7 agustus 08

-1st renz bridal 7 dec 09

-New house add 77 make an offer today at 7pm

- KB amount got 7 in it

people said, 7 is God's perfect number. thankful me, Renz highly favoured :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


dari duluuuu gw paling sukaaa kalo ngliatin org bisa bikin cupcakes2 yg lucu2......demenn banget liatnya...walaupun rasanya ga tau enak atau yg namanya beli cupcakes biasanya kita beli designnya...bukan rasanya karna emang lucu2 bangettt.....
kmaren tersirat olehku ingin mencoba buat cupcakes.....trus aku cari bantuan de yg kira2 ngerti buat cupcakes....akhirnya kita coba buat cupcakes...and akhirnya dibuat xmas gift sama aku.
buat cupcakes sebenernya gampang banget cuma perlu kreatif aja....kmaren itu kita di dapur hebohhh karna kita baru pertama kali....trus alat2nya pun ga lengkap...jadilah kekacauan2 di dapur dalam menghias hahahah...but its fun thou....
abis slesai hias2...trus kita wrap itu cupcakes satu2 ke dalam plastik buat dibagi2in....(uda serasa punya anak bayi yg ngerayain satu bulanan) bagi2in ke org goody bags....hahhaha....
trus bahannya masih sisa2....sayang ga digunakan....akhirnya hari ini td aku baru aja kelar bikin banana cupcakes....its yummy jugaa....:D

cupcakess oh cupcakes....cuma demen liat tp ga demen ngebuatnya n makannya heheh :D tp yg bananaa enakk....aku suka makannya.

3rd Anniversary

Today is me & michael 3rd anniversary....I thank God for him, Thank God for what He has done for the past 3 years....

I thank God for mike who brings and strech me to the next level (mostly in my character & relationship with God) he is not only my husband, but also my spiritual mentor.
i knew it that i changed a lot. (of course for the better) hehe....
its not easy. but we started to see the result. :)

We just had a great nite together. we went for fine dining dinner, its a good food thou.....and a good place too.

Im thanking all our friends who gives us wishes trough facebook & bbm....
most of their wishes is u kno..... as usual....they looking forward to see us havin a baby...haahha...
after i move house maybe i can start to think of havin a baby...
i want everythin in order, in planning, but in the end, its up to Him, my creator. He knows what best for me.

i saw one house today, good location, but i think it is just too small, i dun have place for my bridal. so tomorro will fighting again looking for it. pls pray for that we can find one good n nice house soon. :D

i'd better sleep now, once again "Happy anniversary buny, i luv you more n more each day, and its because you're getting more n more romantic to me" hahahhaha....

Thank You Lord.....for giving me the feeling of joy, content and blessed. luv You.

bye bloggiez